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The purpose of OutDoorCheckIn.com is all about safety first. When you are on a trip hiking, biking or just taking a walk and you want people to know where you are, you use OutDoorCheckIn.com.

All you do is go to OutDoorCheckIn.com, click the button to show your current geographic location on a map and then email it to someone who cares that you're alive.

You can 'check in' as often as you like and edit the message that you send.

That's it! Have a great time being outdoors.

Want to invest in OutDoorCheckIn.com?

OutDoorCheckIn.com (ODCI) is a pre-revenue startup focused on developing mobile and cloud applications for outdoor safety and activity coordination. Founded by Brian Greenberg, who spends every moment he can hiking outdoors, also has 20 years IT industry experience including 8 years at Motorola and is on the Board of Directors of EcoMyths Alliance, a group dedicated to environmental & conservation education. ODCI is a mobile and cloud based application that unifies planning & coordination of outdoor activities all wrapped up in a framework of trip safety and tightly integrated with social media platforms that memorialize the experiences to share with friends and family. ODCI was principally designed as a technology for outdoor trail safety and provides a life-saving answer for anyone who spends time outdoors. There are a few young products in the market that address outdoor activities in a piecemeal way, and even fewer that address safety. We focus on the entire experience from planning through memorializing the entire journey and keeping safe all along the way.

Don't waste time and email me about investing: info@outdoorcheckin.com.

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